Friday, August 16, 2013

How to install JDK

Install java in Windows 7 / Windows 8

· You can download the latest version of JDK from Oracle web site.

· It is free and there is the link.

· Then you can simply install this an in addition you have to set the path after it installed.

· Go to My computer and right click on free space in the window or right click on My computer icon in the desktop.

· Then choose Advance system settings.

· Then it is popped up the window called System properties, then choose the Advanced tab (by default this tab is selected).

· Now you can see at the bottom of the window a button called Environment Variables. Click it.

· There is two type of variables User and System.

· Choose New in User variable.

· Give ‘PATH’ as variable name and follow below steps to find the variable value.

· Go to My computer and Double click on C drive (Choose the partition Where you install JDK).

· Then go to program file and select folder which you install JDK (by default it is java).

· Then go to jdk1.7.0_21 folder or your version of jdk.

· Now you can see the bin folder and double click it.

· You are in bin folder now. Then go to the address bar in your window and simply click in it and copy the path. (In windows 8 there is a copy path shortcut in clipboard in Home tab.)

· This copied path should be pasted as a variable value.

· Now you have set the path for java.

· You can check that you have correctly installed java by typing javac in your command prompt. 

· You are success if you can see this window in command prompt in windows.

Install java in Mac OS, follow this link. 

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