How to install MySQL server in your machine

In my Java EE series I use MySQL server as my database. You have to install it to work with JDBC in Java EE. This is very simple introduction to MySQL that shows how to use MySQL server for your Java applications. It is very easy to install MySQL server in your machine. Here you can see how to install MySQL community server in your machine.

How to install MySQL server.

You have to choose Install MySQL Products

If you want you can go with updates

I have chosen full install, you can customize your selections using Custom. 

Click on execute

Products are installing.

MySQL sever has successfully installed. Then it need to configure.

It is better to use as default settings. Or else you can change the port number and other settings.

You have to enter a password, my one is weak. But it is easy to use.

Set it as default, don't change.

MySQL server is configuring.

Samples and examples are configuring. 

Installation complete. 

This is the very first interface of MySQL workbench. Double click on "Local instance MySQL56".

Then it asking the password.

You are totally complete, then you can create your databases.

You can use either workbench or MySQL command line client. This is same as workbench, but it doesn't provide the friendly GUI. All the commands are same as workbench. I feel this is fast than workbench.

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